Life Assessment

I have a couple of chronic health issues. Recently I have had to come to terms with being unable to work, for an employer, full time.

This admission has made me really look at my life and what I want out of it.

Well, I want to be happy, who doesn’t? No one know wakes up and says “you know what? I really feel like being miserable”.

I want to do things which make me happy. Things which make me happy certainly won’t be other people’s idea of happy and even hubby thinks some of mine are weird, housework being one of them

I like being alone, I like reading, making things, writing, gardening, the list of things I enjoy is very, very long. That said, I still can’t do everything on my list, there just aren’t enough hours in the day! Unless, you were part of the Harry Potter universe and could have a time turner, wouldn’t that be great?

So, how do I pace myself whilst trying to be the happiest version of me I can be? I have no idea, I’m going to try and figure that out.

This is not to say that my health won’t flare up and I’ll be like a tellytubby on speed 24/7, but I can try to keep myself in a positive frame of mind for the most part, after all admitting I can’t is probably the biggest hurdle I needed to get over.


Valentines Day

Hubby and I have been married since 2006, we’ve been together since 2001. We’ve never really done the whole romance thing, it’s just not us really. We’ve given the occasional soppy card, however most have just been silly or have taken the piss.

This year Hubby has suggested that we go on a NightNic. A what? I hear you say. My thoughts precisely. Well a picnic at night in the dark sky park in Galloway, ooh lovely.

My response to this…

Who are you and what have you done with my husband.

He had been thinking about it and just thought it would be a nice idea. Again, my  response to this…

What have you done?

It’s just so unusual for either of us to be “romantic”. Our wedding wasn’t romantic, it took an hour and cost us £300 start to finish. We buy each other useful presents, things that we like yes, but useful.

I just don’t like valentines day, it always feels like consumerism rather than a celebration, why have a day to tell people you love them? I tell hubby everyday and I tell my family on a regular basis that I love them.

Yes the 14th February gives you an excuse to do something special, but why should you need an excuse?

Home makeover

When we moved into our house last summer, the only rooms I didn’t decorate were the spare room, or as it’s known in my family spare oom, and the office/gym/dog room.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been revamping both rooms. First was spare oom, wallpaper, paint and total furniture upcycle. It looks lovely now, it’s blue and white with hints of yellow.

I’ve now moved on to the office. Most of our house is pale calming colours, blues, greens and greys. As the office is where I create I wanted it to be inspirational and creative.

I went along to the local second hand furniture shop, a local charity called Shax, and bought 4 items i could customise.

I started the revamp on monday afternoon and so far have almost finished the desk. I have a dresser, a set of drawers and the walls to paint. It will take me a while because of the furniture, you may ask whybi didn’t just nip to Ikea and buy an office set? Well I didn’t want one, I want what’s in my head and no one sells that. This way I also get to donate to a local charity and reuse things which otherwise may have been thrown away.

I have grown up reusing and recycling, mending and making do. The major difference now is that I have the skills and ideas for it to look the way I want it to and not just as though I’ve slapped a load of paint around.

Snowfall and Fires

We’ve had a little snow over the last week or so and it’s been lovely. I love snow, it gives you a good reason to stay in, start the fire and watch old movies.

When we moved into our house there was a very large pile of scrap wood by the oil tank. I’ve chopped all of this up over the last 6 months and consequently haven’t had to buy any wood at all. There’s a little more wood which needs to be cut up but I need my sister to come and do that with the chainsaw, she has a certificate from when she undertook her forestry course, plus I don’t much fancy a trip to A&E after chopping my leg off, after all how would I walk the dogs?

Speaking of walking the dogs I’ve had some lovely walks this week. I do love walking in the snow. Sam, Holly and I had a lovely run around the field next door mid week, Holly ran around and rolled in as much snow as possible. And today me and Holly met some of our friends at Mabie Forest and went for a lovely walk through the trees.

There is a hotel at the forest so after our walk we went in for a drink and sat near to the wood burner. It was lovely, very relaxing and just what was needed after a chilly wander. My friends and I put the world to rights, had a good old moan and generally caught up, we looked like grownups!

Holly made a new friend, Harley, a 6 month old Cockerpoo who lives with my friend, Laura. Harley is a sweetheart but had never met Holly. I think he was quite taken by her, she on the other hand really couldn’t have given two figs about this new pal, she was far more interested in sniffing around the forest and generally being a dog.

Both Holly and Harley have extendy leads and there were a good few moments of confusion around people, dogs, trees etc as neither of the dogs paid any attention to the fact that they were on them, at one point Holly and I played a lovely game of round and round the tree trunk trying to get untangled!

All in all it’s been a lovely week and a lovely Saturday, I hope yours has been as nice.

Exercise is good for you

Really? Does someone wanna tell my legs that.

I’ve finally got back on my crosstrainer, first time in 6 months! I’ve done 4k for 2 days in a row, 2! I must be mad. My thighs hate me, my bum hates me but you know what? I love it. 

Once I’m back in the swing of it it’s addictive, I just have to make myself so it for the first couple of weeks. 

I put on quite a bit of weight over Christmas and whilst I don’t mind being chubby, I’m usually happier when I am (mainly because I can eat biscuits), but I feel uncomfortable and carrying extra weight isn’t good for my joints. 

I use a crosstrainer because of my knees, their both arthritic and can’t take a lot of walking or running on the road.

I started running with holly in January 2017 and had to stop after 3 months because of my joints. Even now I’d I put my trainers on she thinks we’re going for a run, sorry little dog that’s not happening. 

I’ve also got back to eating proper food, you know vegetables protein etc, instead of chocolate for breakfast lunch and tea. I still eat cakes and biscuits and chocolate just in moderation, well when I have to will power to moderate myself!

Walls and cars don’t mix…

…no really they don’t! 

Hubby was reversing my car, yes my car, down our drive this morning in order to take our wheely bin to the top of the lane and bang, wall gone!

Fortunately he’s a mechanic and it was him driving and not me. We’d both had a very rubbish nights sleep and he said he couldn’t see, hmmm I suspect he wasn’t paying attention. 

So today I will be rebuilding the garden wall, the wall I’ve already rebuilt!! Oh well there are worse ways to spend a Wednesday. 

Garden organisation and planning

YES! It’s January and time to start planning the garden. 

I created my own garden journal/to do list/seed index, so that I can keep track of everything all in one place. I’ve already made my seed list and task list for January and I’m about half way through. 

As this is a new garden and was literally and field when we moved in it’s a pretty blank canvas. I’ve done some jobs already and spent my entire weekend repairing the fence and removing stones from the lawn. Sam dog has a lovely habit of chewing stones and thinks there toys!!

I have a patio to lay and then it’s on to planting etc. I’ve ordered my plug plants already and have a couple of grow houses to build, I used to have a polytunnel and I still have the frame but it’s a lot of work and I don’t know if I can physically or mentally cope with in anymore, boo hoo.

All of my gardens have evolved as they’ve grown, I move things and add things, get rid of things, it all depends on what happens in the garden throughout the year. 

When we moved in here there was no fence, no borders, no trees or plants, just a lot of very overgrown patches. We’ve cleared what needed to be cleared, built the fence, rebuilt the wall, planted the fruit trees and hedging, created 2 borders, removed one tree and cleared out the burn, wow when I look at that list that’s pretty good going for 6 months.